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Martyn & Judith


During the early months of 1977 my soon to be wife, Judith and I attended our wedding bans at the Elim Church, Caerphilly. Over the three weeks our hearts were first challenged and then won over by the message of God's great love for us and for all. Since that time we have been involved in the Sunday School Classes and Youth work. In recent years we filled the role of Pastor at the church in Penyrheol. Now retired, we continue our service as part of the leadership team here.


We’ve lived locally all our lives and both made decisions to become Christians at a young age, having grown up in Christian families. Both of us attended the church at Penyrheol in our youth and we have now returned to work in the leadership team, helping with family services, the toddler group and youth work. We also both love to worship the Lord playing bass guitar and ukulele! I’m sure you can guess who plays which instrument! We now have a little girl of our own, Hannah and hope that one day she will also learn to play an instrument and join us, as she already loves to sing and get involved in the church services! We’d love to see more families join the church in the future as the church is just as much for children as it is for adults.  

Phil & Beth

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